We are excited to partner with you and share your content with the millions who consume on-demand TV.

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Explore the idea of having a show on one of the channels on PSI TV, or - get your own branded channel.

Why On-Demand TV?

1. Gary Vee thinks it's a great idea and he is on Roku TV!

2. Viewers are cutting the cable and consuming more on-demand TV! (Read more here, and the Roku Q1, 2019 excerpt attached.)

3. On-Demand TV is a fraction of the cost of launching content on traditional TV.

4. We have options to create a 'just-for-you' TV package.

To submit shows to one of our channels OR to have your own branded channel, we invite you to a FREE Discovery call. This call is mandatory. Making a payment prior to this call does not entitle anyone to a spot on our network.

We are a young company and while we are in this early phase, this is the best opportunity to join us as we are at our most flexible, and offering our most affordable rates. As we grow, those who were earliest on board with us will have the best rates and opportunities going forward as we will honor your trust in us.

Trudy Beerman is the Founder of PSI TV Network. She is a trained and certified TV Producer with a few shows of her own aired on traditional cable TV. She also has 600+ videos on Youtube and hundreds more produced for Facebook and other social media. 

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Roku Q1, 2019